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Welcome to La Escuela Restaurant



Tofu and hummus salad with sun-dried tomato pesto

Grilled marinated salmon salad

Rabbit salad with green apple, cucumber and garlic soup

Roast pork with old-fashioned mustard dressing and pickles

Mushroom foam, egg cooked at a low temperature and potato

Spinach and blue cheese crèpes

Seafood soup with fish and molluscs

Kidney beans with chorizo and blood sausage


Fish of the day with rice, potatoes in green sauce, saffron and mussels

Cuttlefish cooked at a low temperature with black sauce and aioli

Bacalao club ranero (cod in pil-pil sauce with fried onions, peppers, tomato and choricero peppers)

Roasted boneless ribs with grains and pumpkin

Oxtail bar with carrot purée and vitelotte curls

Wild boar ragout with roasted endives

Chicken breast with corn textures


 Pears in red wine with rice pudding mousse

Assorted chocolates

Lime-Lemon (Lime financier cake with lemon textures)

Carrot cake with citrus sorbet

Profiteroles with Chiboust cream

Assorted pastries

Fruit prepared in front of the customer

€ 19.50 (10% VAT Included)


We suggest you enjoy your dessert with our pairing cocktail (3 €).


  Cod, hummus and rocket salad with garlic mayonnaise sauce

Hake tulip filled with langoustine on a spinach green sauce

Short loin shavings with squash and blue cheese puree with purple potato chips

Apple textures: sorbet, tart tatin, crispy pastry and toffee


Home-made bread, a half bottle of D.O.Ca Rioja Carlos Serres Cr Red Wine,

H2O from Bilbao

27,5 € (10% VAT Included)

BilbaoBizkaia Menu

Mousse of anchovies, mozzarella y tomate

False sqiud risotto

Roasted scallop with cauliflower cream and seafood reduction

Suckling pig at low temperature, purple onion toffee from Zalla and corn flour gnocchi from Mungia

Azpigorri Cheesecake and Agrazón grape variety from Orduña

 Bread, H2O,

1/2 bottle of D.O. Bizkaiko Txakolina Itsasmendi nº7 white wine


€ 42 (10% VAT Included)

Slow Food


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